Why Donate?

All donors will be credited in the film; Donors of $1000 or more will be credited as “Executive Producer”


  1. -Our budget is based entirely on our own savings and the donations of others

  2. -The budget is $40,000

  3. -This is an opportunity for the work of several young filmmakers to be seen by many important people in Hollywood

  4. -Previous USC thesis films have gone on to win Best Short Film at the Academy Awards and Sundance

  5. -We are still accepting donations for:

    * Film festival submissions

    * Film festival travel

    * DVD production

    * Production materials

About Film Festivals

  1. -There are thousands of festivals around the world

  2. -We will target specific festivals including comedy fests, festivals that enjoy and reward musicals & comedies, Oscar qualifying festivals, and of course, hometown fests.

  3. -Festival submission fees can range anywhere from free to over $100 a piece.  Most average around $35 each.

  4. -Every festival is different.  Each requires different screening formats (we have used at least 8 so far), promotional materials and some even require attendance!


Accomplishing a film this exciting and ambitious will take an enormous amount of time, money and energy.  Even short films can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Our costs include lighting and camera packages, location usage, music, sound stages and choreography, meals for the cast and crew, editing suites -- the list of expenses seems almost endless.

While we’ve wrapped principal production, there is still much to be done, and we need money to do it. Our current costs include paying our crew, an editor, paying for hard drives and effects, and renting a sound stage and paying musicians to record the score and the orchestral parts of the song. We still need your help!

A cash, check or Paypal contribution is the most helpful and direct type of contribution.  Funds are immediately accessible to the project through a bank account that the director and  producer access specifically for the film Sudden Death!  Please contribute to us via Paypal below (you don’t need a Paypal account, just a credit or debit card):

Film is an extraordinarily powerful medium. Sudden Death! has the potential to be a great film with an invaluable message about love and selflessness. However, we can’t do it alone.

Because this is a USC thesis (although we are making this completely without the help of USC), we are in a rare position with this film. It will screen at the First Look Festival at the Director’s Guild, and will subsequently be potentially seen in every studio, production company and agency in Hollywood. That’s what the USC name gets us. Previous USC thesis films have gotten students agents and multiple picture deals at major studios like Warner Bros. right out of film school. However, just because it’s seen by the right people doesn’t mean that we’ll “make it.” We have to blow them out of the water. We can and will - with your help.

This isn’t just a graduation requirement... it’s our one shot to burst into the Hollywood filmmaking scene face first.

A Rare Opportunity
How you can help

Or via check to:

Adam or Melanie Hall

275 W. Verdugo Ave., 17

Burbank, CA  91502

(Please note the change of address)

Also, if you are interested in an in-kind donation in the form of services, recording space, editing equipment and other non-monetary donations please contact us at:  info@suddendeaththemovie.com

Financial Support