Welcome to the Sudden Death! the website! Be sure to check out the Articles... they’re various fictional news reports chronicling the epidemic of Sudden Death! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to Contact us, and of course, if you want to support the film financially, don’t forget to check out the Donate! page. Keep your eyes open for casting announcements and crew updates. We really appreciate all of you support!

Monday, June 8th

Donations have already started rolling in! Thank you all so much for your generosity, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it... we really can’t do this without you!

In the world of Sudden Death!, there are new blogs up, we’ve started a donor list on the donation page, and a new article goes up tonight. In the creative realm, I finished a new draft of the script the other day, and after a minor polish in the next day or so, we’re going to start getting the script out to a few actors we’re talking to. We have a few really exciting casting possibilities that I can’t wait to talk about, but not yet...

Tuesday, June 16th

Wednesday, June 17th

In the ever changing saga of our moving, please note the changes to our address.  We are now in #31, not #15.  We’ve also updated the Donate page with this info.

And if you haven’t checked out the newest Article stop by before you leave.  It’ll start to fill you in on where the story’s headed. 

Wednesday, June 24th

A new Article is up... keep following along with the saga that is Sudden Death! I’ve also posted a new Blog that I think you’re really going to want to check out... Also, In creative news, a new draft of the script is done... we’re getting pretty close. Just need to polish it up a bit. Things are going well all around, though!

Donations are still rolling in, but we still have a very long way to go! Thanks so much for your support!

Thursday, June 25th

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Saturday, July 11th

So, it’s been a little while since the last update because we’ve been pretty busy lately. Not to fear, things are coming along very well, slowly but surely. In any case, there is a new Article up that you may want to check out. There’s also a new director’s blog up. Things are moving forward on all fronts, as we’re working on casting and finalizing the script (finally), and we received another very large donation yesterday from Bradley Sheerer -- our newest Executive Producer. We still have a really long way to go, however, and we need your support! Check out the Donate page to help us out! In other news, the teaser trailer will be coming in the next few weeks, and we’ll be adding some viral videos as we get a bit closer to the end of summer. Keep checking this space for updates!

Great day!  Thanks for your notes and letters of encouragement.  We’re so glad you’re behind us in this endeavor! 

Couple of fun-facts before the weekend:

  1. 1. Adam finished a new draft of the script today.  It’s fantastic.  You’ll love it.

  2. 2. Thanks to Evelyn Jacobie for her oh-so generous donation!  You make a difference to us.

  3. 3.Speaking of donations -- we’re about 10% of the way to our goal!  Thanks for your donations. 

    Keep them coming!

  1. 4.It’s our latest Executive Producers birthday today.  Please join us in wishing Bradley Sheerer a very happy birthday and a safe return home from is tour in Iraq.

  2. 5.Approaching talent within the next few weeks.  We’ll keep you posted as things progress.

  3. 6.New Producer’s blog.  More tomorrow.

Random I know, but all good stuff.  Have a great weekend.  We’ll see you on the other side!

Friday, July 17th

Hope a great weekend was had by all.  Here’s a quick note about what’s happening on our end....

Starting today we have begun the process of contacting talent for the movie.  It’s a lengthy process but we’ll keep you up-to-date as things progress.  Keep checking back here, as well as our Cast page, for the latest info. 

We’d also like to thank the Rich family -- Dan, Cortney, Sara and Ashley -- for their generous donation to our film fund.  We are truly thankful for your support!

Monday, July 20th

There’s a new article up here - you might want to check it out as things have turned deadly serious in the world of Sudden Death! Also, there’s a new Director’s Blog up... but really, who wants to read those anyway? We should hopefully have some exciting casting news coming up pretty soon as scripts have finally gotten out to several different, but all extremely talented actors. Otherwise, we’re at about 10 percent of our fundraising... we obviously have a really long way to go in only a few short months, so please, if you’re planning on donating, do so as soon as possible! We really appreciate all of you and there’s no way we can do this without you!

Friday, July 24th

Some fairly substantial updates recently... there’s a new article up, as well as a new producer’s blog. Things don’t always go as planned, as she so eloquently put it, and they haven’t recently... but that said, there’s still been some decent-sized developments recently as well, regarding casting and music... but we can’t reveal anything just yet. Sorry about that, but you’ll know soon, I promise. Keep checking back, we could have announcements any day now!

Friday, August 6th

Tuesday, August 25th

We would like to officially and very happily announce the addition of a truly fantastic composer to the Sudden Death! team.  Kenny Wood will be joining us to add his extremely talented musical hand to our film.  Please check out his bio on the Crew page.  You won’t be disappointed by his credits. 

We’ve also added new Donor’s.  Huge thanks go out to Dan and Kris Coombes!  We are so thankful for you. 

We’re making great headway with cast, crew and USC and industry advisors.  Looking forward to announcing them to you as soon as we can.  Keep checking back.  We’re going to be updating on an almost daily basis as d-day closes in!

Friday, September 11th

Lots of things going on in the world of Sudden Death! First and foremost, I’d like to announce that John Watson has agreed to be our USC faculty mentor, and Sudden Death! is officially greenlit to go this semester. John has a ridiculously long list of credits (that you can check out at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0914709/) that includes major films like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Backdraft and Blown Away.

There’s also a new Article up, and a new, and very important Director’s Blog about money. Speaking of money... we desperately need it! Things are getting close very quickly, and we have a very long way to go. Details on the blog... or you can always go straight to the Donate page.

The first arrangements of the music are underway, and I’m extremely happy with the results. Our song writer, Kahle McCann, and our composer, Kenny Wood, have done a fantastic job. I’m really excited to get these songs out there... they’re very clever lyrically and really strong musically. And I can say that, because I had little to do with either (I wrote the story of the songs, and a couple of the lyrics, but let’s be honest, lyrically, it’s basically all Kahle). I’ll have clips for you to check out up on the site as soon as we have something a bit more professional completed.

Official casting sessions will begin in October, but we have a few people unofficially lined up already. Speaking of, it looks like we’ll have at least one pretty major casting announcement coming up really, really soon... just not yet. Soon, though, I promise! I think you guys will be pretty excited about it.

That’s all for today. We’ll try to update a bit more frequently... things have just been really busy lately. But that’s a good thing! Lots of good things happening!

Monday, October 12th

Lots of things going on in the world of Sudden Death!... still.  I have a feeling it’s only going to get crazier from here on out.  Can you believe we’re less then 2 months away from shooting?  Amazing! 

If you are still considering making a donation to the film -- now is the time!  We are making purchases and putting down deposits daily.  Every cent goes directly towards the film, and the futures of our cast and crew.  I’ll be posting a breakdown of just some of the services, purchases and rentals on my blog soon so you will be able see exactly where your donations are going.  And of course if you have any questions I’m here for you!

In the realm of announcements, we’d like to officially welcome Chris Roberts to our producing team.  Chris is an LA based free-lance producer with an impressive resume.  (see the abbreviated version on our Crew page.)  Chris has already proven to be an invaluable resource to our production and we couldn’t be happier to have him aboard.  Keep an eye out for more info on our newest producer.  His star is rising!

Finally, we’re thrilled to announce that we are the official renters of a beautiful Production Office in downtown Burbank!  The need for a Production Office is great and for the price and location we really got a steal.  I’ll give you the skinny on my blog in a few minutes.  (it’s up now!)

Meanwhile, thank you, as always, for your love and support.  Our project certainly could never get off the ground without you!  We’re looking forward to the wonderful direction we’re being taken in on this film and we can’t wait for more fabulous updates!

Tuesday, October 13th

The Teaser Trailer is finally up! Has it been worth the wait? Probably not. But it’s up! Let us know what you think. Oh, and of course, if you like it, you can always head on over to the Donate page...

Wednesday, October 14th

This is apparently the week for us finally delivering on long promised items. We’re extremely excited to announce Matt Lutz as Sudden Death!’s lead character, Nathan Carlson! Matt’s an incredibly talented guy who’s worked on a ton of stuff, including A Walk to Remember, Bringing Down the House, End of the Spear, Boston Public, etc... That and he has a fantastic singing voice (which you can check out on his webpage). You can also check out his bio on the Cast page. Lots of exciting things happening around here... we’ll be announcing another actor tomorrow (and we’re really excited about him as well)! Oh, and feel free to Donate as much as you want! I know, it wouldn’t be a news update without us begging for money...

Thursday, October 15th

Alright, so this is just a crazy week of updates. Following our exciting casting news from yesterday, we’re extremely excited to announce that Doug Jones has joined our cast! Doug has a list of credits a mile long, and they include: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (he was the Silver Surfer), Hellboy I and II (he was Hellboy’s sidekick Abe Sapien as well as 2 other characters in the sequel), the Oscar winning Pan’s Labyrinth (he was Pan), Quarantine (the creepy guy at the end who gave me nightmares), etc, etc, etc... The list goes on and on, so you can check it out on IMDB. We’re really blessed and very excited to be working with another super talented and experienced (and incredibly nice) actor. We’ll have more soon, but if you want to check him out in the meantime, head on over to the Cast page and then to his website, The Doug Jones Experience!

Wednesday, October 28th

The $25 Drive is going very well, thanks for all of you that have donated!

For those of you that missed it, the $25 Drive started a couple of days ago, and basically the deal is, if you donate $25 dollars to our film, you’ll get credited in the film and you’ll get a copy of Sudden Death! for your very own (when it’s completed, of course). We understand times are tough, as well, and we’ll take any donation whatsoever... $10 is great. Anything’s great. Anything that gets us closer to realizing the vision for the Sudden Death! So, head on over to the Donate! page.

Monday, November 2nd

We’re super excited (that’s right, not just excited... super excited) to announce our lead actress today...

Autumn Hurlbert of Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods and general Broadway fame will be joining our cast as Rachel! In addition to being an extremely talented actress, Autumn has one of the best singing voices we’ve ever heard. Seriously. Check out her Website or just go over to Youtube and search for her... you will be impressed. Also, don’t forget to check out her bio on the Cast page.

We’re really looking forward to working with Autumn, and if that news at all excites you or you just feel like donating today, the $25 Drive is still going. No, it is not to late (I know you were worried), so get on over to the Donate page!

Friday, November 6th

We’re very excited to announce that Ben Boquist has joined our team as the art director!

Tuesday, November 17th

Big news today! We’re really pumped to announce the addition of Mark Christopher Lawrence to our cast! Mark is currently playing Big Mike on Chuck and has a list of credits a mile long (you’ve undoubtedly seen him in something!). Mark’s a great guy and a very funny actor and stand up comedian, and we’re extremely excited to have him on board!

We’ve also added Beth Castle to the cast! Beth’s another very talented actress who’s done a ton of theater. She’s also a very good friend of ours, so we’re really excited about her joining us!

As always, feel free to Donate! We’re getting really close to our goal, your donation could be the one that pushes us over! Oh, and yes, the $25 Drive is still going on!

Tuesday, November 24th

Added lots of people to the Cast and Crew pages. We’re getting close!

Sunday, December 20th

We’re wrapped!! Well, actually, we’ve been wrapped since Thursday, but I’ve been too sick and/or lazy to post. Things went incredibly well... we had an amazing cast and crew; a group of people that I already miss. Our entire cast was amazing... and did I mention we added 5-time Emmy Winner John Larroquette as Commander Jenkins? He did an amazing job as well.

In the coming days, I’ll try to post a bit more on here. I plan on retroactively blogging about the shoot so you all can get a feel for what it was like. I’ll also be posting some of the music on here (well, the vocals with the temporary electronic backing... we record the orchestral parts this spring)... trust me, you’ll be impressed. Matt and Autumn are two of the best singers I’ve ever heard.

But, until then, how about some production stills? I’ve added a Photos page to the website, so you can take a look at some of the pictures we got during the shoot. More of those will be added soon as well!

Wednesday, January 6th

Happy New Year! Tons of new stuff added to the site today (and I’ll be adding more in the coming days and weeks)!

First and foremost, the lovely (and very kind to us) Anoray has posted a set report of the two days she spent on our set with Doug Jones over at The Doug Jones Experience! Go check it out! You’ll definitely get a very detailed view of what our set was like from her perspective! I think it’s a good read... sure, it’s about our film, but I don’t think that’s influencing me at all...

Secondly, for those of you that have been patiently waiting to get a taste of the music of Sudden Death!, your day has finally come! “The Cure” has been posted over at the newly created Music page, and we’ve also added a Press page! These and the photos page can now be found under the Media tab at the top of every page.

And finally, if you want set reports from the director’s perspective, check out the new Director’s blogs - “Music Recording” and “Day One” to get a semi-thorough play by play of the shoot!

Thursday, January 7th

Added several people and their bios to both the Cast and Crew pages.

Sunday, January 10th

Added a whole bunch of Pictures to the Media page. Also added two new Blogs: Set reports for Day Two and Day Three.

Saturday, January 16th

New set reports on my blog! Day Four and Day Five.

Monday, February 1st

I know most of you don’t care so much about the set reports and just want to hear more of the music. Well, wish granted (albeit only in part). A clip from “Sudden Death!” (the opening song) has been posted on the Music page (which you can find on the Media page). Enjoy!

But, you’re not getting away without a couple more set reports. Day Six and Day Seven over on my Blog!

Also, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Monday, February 8th

First and foremost, congratulations are in order to our amazing leading lady, Autumn Hurlbert, as she starred in one of the Super Bowl commercials last night! She was in a Flo TV ad that can be seen Here! Also, be sure to check out the behind the scenes footage she’s in Here!

In other news, post production has officially begun! We’ll let you know when we have more to report. Oh, and be sure to check out the final two set reports on the Director’s Blog! Day Eight and Day Nine!

Friday, February 12th

We just wanted to send out our congratulations to one of our good friends and an actor in Sudden Death!, Dan Roberts, as he’s been nominated for an award at the 31st Annual LA Weekly Theater Awards!

Dan was nominated for Best Supporting actor at this years awards for his performance in The Crucible at The Actor’s Co-op here in LA. Check out the noms Here. Congrats Dan!

Thursday, February 18th

Firstly, the final two Articles are up! Thus completes the saga of what happened in the time not covered by the short film. And for those of you that thought the articles were a waste of time (I know who you are... not really, but I bet you got a little paranoid there...), check em out, because some of those character will be showing up in the feature version of Sudden Death!

Speaking of the feature, I’m ankle deep in writing it right now, and I’m really excited about how it’s turning out! Oh yeah, and editing is going really well also... Find out about that and more in the all new Director’s Blog: What’s Next?

Monday, April 5th

Newsflash: Doug Jones is amazing. Just in case you didn’t know. Head on over to the Press page to check out an interview at the World Toronto Comicon during which Doug really, really, really talks up Sudden Death! for like 2 minutes (seriously, we’re so blessed to know that guy). It’s like a 9 minute interview, and the part about Sudden Death! starts around the 4:50 mark. Again, the video is embedded on the Press page under the Media tab. Thanks Doug! We love you too!

Also, we’ve added a new page featuring some of the concept art for the film by our amazing Storyboard Artist/Costume Designer Ben Boquist! Go check it out on the Concept Art page under the Media tab!.

Monday, April 12th

THE HELP! DRIVE is here... I know, doesn’t sound super exciting at first, but there’s a pretty cool incentive here. Let me level with you: although we raised enough for the initial production and much of post production, we don’t have enough money to finish the movie right now. Which would be a huge shame as the test screening scores and feedback we’ve been getting have been amazing. So, we’re launching one last drive in an effort to get this thing to the level it needs and deserves to be at. Check out all the details (as well as a really detailed update on everything that’s been happening in the world of Sudden Death!) HERE. I can’t stress enough how important this is, we literally can’t do this without you. So, if you don’t need details, head over to the DONATE page!

Here’s the incentive: Anyone who donates $15 or more during this drive will receive an exclusive link and password to see the FIRST EVER RELEASED footage of Sudden Death! It should give you a great sneak peek into the actors, set, costumes, decoration, cinematography, etc... as well as being some really funny outtakes. So, please, please, please help us out!

AND: We promised a really cool update today, so even if you don’t donate anything, there’s something pretty dang cool for you over at the VIDEOS page under the MEDIA tab. Yep, that’s right, the FIRST EVER LOOK (I love capitals today) at the music recording as well as the dance rehearsals. That’s right, no one else has ever seen this stuff! Hope you guys enjoy all the updates today! Again, a Blog with an exhaustive update on everything that’s happening along with the Help! Drive details, a sweet new Video and secret link for donators!!!

Monday, May 24th

First of all, we’re on IMDB! Go check us out!

Secondly, our amazing composer Kenny Wood, along with 24 very talented musicians, recorded the orchestral score last week, and it sounds amazing. Go on and check out the Video, a few Pictures  and some Audio under the Media tab.

Thirdly, been wondering where we are in the filmmaking process? Go check out the newest Director’s Blog to find out! We’re getting really close!

And finally, Happy Birthday to Doug Jones, Nick Jones and Mark Christopher Lawrence!

Saturday, June 26th

Yes, we’re working on a Saturday - so check out the good stuff!

New Photos are up on the Media page of our recording session with the phenomenal vocalists Sabrina Sloan and Harrison White.  Thanks to Kenny Wood for orchestrating another fantastic session, to Kelly Su for the great pics, and to Sabrina and Harrison for loaning us their beautiful set of pipes!

Another HUGE thank you to everyone who has been a part of this film.  We’ll never be able to thank you enough for your love (either of us, musicals or death... we’ll take any) and your support.  Check out the full list of our truly amazing cast and crew on our very own IMDB page.

Finally, for all of you who may be curious, we have officially entered 53 film festivals and we are currently in consideration at 19 of them.  No big announcements yet but we’ll plaster the internet, and the website, when we do! 

Wednesday, June 30th


It’s official!

Sudden Death! will be screening for the first time next month!

The screening is set for 7:30 pm on Monday, July 26th at the Majestic Crest Theatre in Los Angeles. We can’t wait for all the cast, crew, friends, family and supporters of Sudden Death! to finally see the finished product! Don’t think you’re gonna be disappointed...

More details will be forthcoming, but keep your calendars open!

Also, if you want to see the new poster in all it’s glory, check the Home page! Lastly, never fear, the Articles page hasn’t disappeared, it’s just now under the Media tab!

Sunday, July 11th

It’s finally here! The official Sudden Death! Trailer!

Tuesday, JULY 13th

Really big and exciting news today! Sudden Death! is an official selection of the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival! For those of you that don’t know, that’s HUGE news... RIIFF is an Academy Awards qualifier and is widely considered to be one of the top 12 film festivals in the US... and that list includes Sundance, Tribecca, etc... Add to that the fact that we were selected out of the more than 4,000 entries and we’re super pumped to announce that the official Sudden Death! World Premiere will be at 2010 RIIFF!

In other news, in case you missed it, the official Trailer is up!

And, don’t forget to RSVP for the industry screening on July 26th!

Saturday, JULY 17th

The official website for our July 26th industry screening is up! Check it out!

And, if you haven’t heard yet, Sudden Death! will be making it’s world premiere on August 15th at 4:00 pm at the VMA Main Stage at the Rhode Island International Film Festival!

And, don’t forget to RSVP!

Thursday, JULY 29th

The big news today is that Sudden Death! is now available for purchase on DVD and the soundtrack is available on CD (the MP3 version is coming soon) on the Buy! page! (If you are cast, crew or a donor, please be patient, your DVD is on the way. Though you’re more than welcome to buy extra copies...)

Also, in case you haven’t heard yet, the LA screening went exceptionally well! Thanks to those of you who came out! Lots of things in the works as a result... we’ll keep you guys posted. Check out pictures of the event on the Photos page!

Lastly, we wanted to give all of you a free gift for being so great... so, for you IPhone users, there are four free ringtones available for download on the Music page under the Media tab. Enjoy!

Friday, August 6th

Festivals selections keeps rolling in, so we’ve added a Festivals page so you all can keep track of when and where Sudden Death! is playing. Thus far we’ve been selected by 7 festivals (2 of which we can’t announce yet), and we’re waiting to hear back from tons more. So check it out!

Also, if you haven’t bought a DVD or Soundtrack yet (or even if you have) go Buy one! The digital soundtrack is on sale for $7 now, and the individual tracks are now available for purchase as well. You can also preview before you buy now, so, you have no excuse not to get one! So go!

Oh! And for those that have asked, yes, you can use those ringtones on other phones! Just download and covert them to .mp3s and they’ll work great!

Friday, August 6th Pt. 2

The wonderful Anoray has posted a glowing review/report of the LA Sudden Death! screening over at The Doug Jones Experience! Go check it out!

Friday, August 13th

We’re at the Rhode Island International Film Festival getting ready for our screening at 4 pm on Sunday at the VMA Main Stage! Oh, and Adam’s gonna be on Boston radio - WCRN 830 AM (home of the Red Sox) on Saturday at 1:40 pm EST talking about Sudden Death! Not in the Boston/Rhode Island area? Check it out live on the internet at http://www.wcrnradio.com

We also found out today that Sudden Death! is an official selection of the 2010 Jacksonville Film Festival!

Sunday, August 15th


Sudden Death! is the official grand prize winner of the Rhode Island International Film Festival’s Best Original Music (Score) award!  We’re so proud and thankful for everyone’s hard work on the film.

Tuesday, August 17th

More great film festival news!

Sudden Death! is an official selection to:

* SoCal Film Fest

  1. *Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival

  2. *Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

  3. *Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

For a full list of our upcoming festivals please check out Festivals page.

Saturday, August 28th

Another installment of fabulous film festivals....

Sudden Death! is an official selection to:

  1. *Dixie Film Festival

  2. *Louisville’s International Festival of Film

  3. *San Diego Film Festival

  4. *HATCHfest Bozeman

  5. *Temecula Valley International Film Festival

For a full list of our upcoming festivals please check out Festivals page.

Thursday, September 30th

Wow, so it’s been a long since we’ve updated the site. Those of you following us on Facebook or Twitter are really up to date, but it’s about time we updated the site. So, the latest BIG news:

1. Sudden Death! wins Most Innovative Filmmaker at HATCHfest!

2. Sudden Death! is selected as Best of Fest - Best of International Shorts at the Atlantic Film Fest!

3. Mark Flindall (programmer of the Atlantic Film Festival) says “if you want to have the most fun you’ve ever had in a theater ever” than to go see Sudden Death!

  1. 4.Sudden Death! has been accepted to 22 festivals thus far, including:

    -Hollywood Film Festival

    -Orlando Film Festival

    -Valley Film Festival

    -NewFilmmakers LA

    -Savannah Film Festival


There are a ton of new photos up on the Photos page from our latest travels to several festivals. The Festival page has been updated with the latest screening times and the Press page has been updated as well. Finally, there’s a new Director’s Blog up, describing our experiences on the road at the film festivals! Go check it out! Lots of great things happening in the world of Sudden Death!

Friday, October 15th

First off, we’ve posted the link to the review that the wonderful Anoray wrote of our LA premiere screening back in July over on the Press page!

Second, Sudden Death!’s first press review is finally here! It was written by film critic Richard Propes (aka The Independent Critic). Richard gave us an amazing review - 4 out of 4 stars (an “A” rating), the highest review score possible on his site! In perspective, Richard has reviewed 240+ short films, and only 16 of them (including SD!) have ever received a perfect score! We’re incredibly honored by his amazing review - he raved about everything from the cinematography to the songs to the acting! “Sudden Death! is one of 2010’s most delightful, original and entertaining shorts!” But don’t take my word for it, go check it out!

Wednesday, October 20th

More great news! Sudden Death! has been awarded Best Short Film at the Secret City Film Festival as well as Best Student Short at the Jacksonville Film Festival! Congrats to the cast and crew!

SD! is also playing at the very prestigious Hollywood Film Festival this weekend! We’ll be playing in Shorts Program 9 on Sunday at 3 pm at the Arclight! The theater’s already half full, so hurry up and get your tickets HERE.

As an added incentive, we’re joining with Song At A Convenience Store for a festival promotion! They’re screening at Hollywood at 7:30 pm, and if you go to both our screening and theirs, you’ll receive a FREE copy of both films, as well as a poster! So check it out! Tickets available on the Arclight website!

Tuesday, October 26th

The Hollywood Film Festival was a great success! I’ll blog with a few more details a bit later on. Thanks to all of you that came out in support!

If you weren’t able to make it out, or even if you were, we’d love to see you at our next LA screening, which just happens to be this Friday (the 29th) at the Sunset-Gower Studios in Hollywood for our screening at NewFilmmakers LA! Go HERE to check it out!

Also, we’re really excited to announce that Sudden Death! won Best Arts In Film - Dance (basically Best Choreography/Best Dance Film) at the Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival! Congrats to our wonderful choreographer Sarah Scherger and the rest of the SD! cast and crew!

Friday, October 29th

The news of the day is that the Sudden Death! Soundtrack is now available on iTunes! Either click the link to go directly or go over to the Buy! page!

And while you’re there, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Sudden Death! on DVD yet, we’re having a sale! Just $14! So go!

Lastly, we’d love to see you at our next LA screening, which just happens to be tonight at the Sunset-Gower Studios in Hollywood for our screening at NewFilmmakers LA! Go HERE to check it out!

Monday, November 15th

A real quick festival update: things have been going well on the festival circuit with great screenings across the country. SD! recently won 3rd place (Best Short) at the Greater Reading Film Festival!  We would like to thank my parents - Mike and Marilyn Sheerer, my brothers and all of their friends and mine for getting the word our about our screening and for coming out to support us... constantly!  It was wonderful to see all of you and I’m so glad we had a reason to come HOME!!!

Sudden Deah! was also nominated for several awards at various festivals including the Orlando Film Festival (Best Short, Best Ensemble Cast) and Best Short at the Savannah Film Festival and the Valley Film Festival.

Finally, we’re super excited about our St. Louis premiere in less than a week! Thanks to the help and generous support of Wildwood Mayor Tim Woerther and the newly opened B & B Theatres in Wildwood, we’ll be screening at 10 am this Saturday, the 20th at the B & B theatre in Wildwood. The screening is FREE and open to the public. Hope to see you there! Click HERE for more info.

Thursday, November 18th

Since we’re on an airplane heading to St. Louis... let’s do quick bullet points:

  1. *Sudden Death! has been accepted to the Trail Dance Film Festival in Oklahoma this January!  Everyone in, around and in between Oklahoma City and Dallas please put it on your calendars!

  2. *SD! will also be hitting up the Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival in NYC in January.  Another fabulous fest with some great people you won’t want to miss. 

  3. *Friends in the Houston and Las Vegas areas can catch the film early next month at the Houston Comedy and Nevada Film Festivals.  We’ve been nominated for Best Short, Best Cinematography and Best Editing in Houston and we have WON Best Student Film in Nevada!  Congratulations everyone!

  4. *And since we’re on our way to STL we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our FREE (yes, FREE!) screening of Sudden Death! at the B&B Theatres in Wildwood, MO this Saturday at 10A.  Come hang out with us at this amazing event and support the “local boy.”

Bullet points - yes.  Quick - kinda.

Monday, December 6th

Looking for a great Christmas gift? Why not Sudden Death! If you order between now and December 18th, not only will you receive the film by Christmas, you’ll also get a FREE POSTER AND FREE SHIPPING! So order now!

In other news, Sudden Death! recently won Best Director and Best Original Music at the Houston Comedy Film Festival and Best Student Film at the Nevada Film Festival! We’ve also been nominated for Best Comedy Short at the Trail Dance Film Festival, and we’re a finalist in our category at the Beloit International Film Festival!

Lastly, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be playing as part of FilmSnobbery.com’s new monthly screening series in March!

Go get those DVDs! Oh, and the soundtrack, as always, is available on iTunes!

From Adam and I to all of our Sudden Death! cast, crew, family, friends and supporters...

                HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

We hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family.  We’re so thankful for you!

Thursday, November 25th

Tuesday, December 7th

Sudden Death! fun fact:

It was a year ago today that we met at Biola University to start principle photography on Sudden Death!  What a wonderful year!  Thanks for everything, guys!

Wednesday, December 8th

It’s official!  Adam has completed the feature script for Sudden Death!

It features 17 fantastic songs from Kenny Wood and Kahle McCann - over 40 minutes of music.  And of course, rampant, hilarious death.

We’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Saturday, November 20th

We had a wonderful screening in St. Louis this morning at the B&B Theatres!

Thank you ALL so much for coming out to support Adam, Wes and Sudden Death! 

We’d specifically like to thank the lovely people at B&B for offering this free screening to the public and Wildwood, MO Mayor Tim Woerther for taking such an interest in SD! to make sure we had an amazing STL premiere!  We’d also like to thank Adam’s parents (and my sweet in-laws) - Jim and Dawn Hall for loving us, our trade and our movie by making this premiere happen.

And we would be SO remiss if we didn’t thank Jeff Roark for showing up in his penguin suit to host the event and post-show Q&A. 

Looking forward to some great upcoming showings at the Houston Comedy Film Festival and the Nevada Film Festival in the next few weeks!

Saturday, December 17th

One year ago today on a church playground in Burbank, trying to beat the setting sun - we wrapped principle photography on Sudden Death!  Our cast and crew are the most amazing people!

Saturday, December 25th

Wishing you all, wherever you may be, a wonderful, magical and very...


And know that you are loved!

Friday, December 31st

We have had one of the most fabulous, crazy years of our lives.  There is SO much to be thankful for.  Tons of blessings came at the end of the year.  Here they are in random order:

  1. *SD!’s been accepted to the NextFrame International Student Film Festival.  Cool in it’s own right, but the films accepted to this fest travel the globe for all of 2011.  Cooler, right?  We’re nominated for Best Narrative so keep your fingers crossed, send up prayers and we’ll let you know in 2011 how we do!

  2. *We’ve also been accepted to the Sedona International Film Festival in Arizona.  New state for us!  The wonderful people there have also offered to put us up and feed us while we’re there, so I think a road trip is in order.

  3. *Sudden Death! will be heading to the Beloit International Film Festival this February in Wisconsin.  (I’m packing Adam a parka and a flare gun - just in case.)  Please help buzz up the film by simply visiting the Beloit Local Vision channel here - and if you’re feeling in the loving mood rate the film or leave a comment. It would help us immensely!  You can also review us on IMDB or Facebook if you’d like.  THANK YOU!!

  4. *We have 7 festivals set up already for 2011 - January through April. The first of which is next weekend in NYC.  Check out the updates to the Festivals page to find out when Sudden Death! is coming to your area!

  5. *We’ve started to update the photos from this years fests.  It’s slow going but we hope you enjoy what we’ve been able to put up so far. Keep checking back for more photo fun.

  6. *There’s a new Producer’s Blog up kind of rehashing 2010 and giving you all the nitty gritty on what to look forward to in 2011.  There’s A LOT!!

  7. *One exciting event of the New Year I’m happy to announce now is the release of a special edition DVD of Sudden Death!  We have just received behind the scenes footage from our filming recently discovered by our second AC (...camera connection, tech guru...).  I know Disney likes to come out with “previously unseen material” but I promise you, in this case it’s absolutely accurate.  It will also contain a recut, festival version of the film along with a ton of other goodies.  No date for release as of yet (but just between you and me I’ve always been fond of the SPRING...) but we’ll keep you posted here with all of the updates.

Last post of 2010.  What a wonderful year.  Thank you all for being a part of it.  Whether you worked on SD!, supported us with email, love, money or food; followed us from the beginning or are just becoming a fan now, thanks for joining us on this fabulous, crazy journey. We couldn’t do it without you.  Happy New Year!!

happy new years eve!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

There’s some new dates and times of our latest screenings up on the Festivals page! Go check it out!

Also... something mildly fearsome this way comes... intrigued? It’s probably not nearly as exciting as you 
think it will be. Or is it? No. But maybe...

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Sudden Death! is an official selection of the Cleveland International Film Festival! This is huge news for 
us because A) it’s an Oscar qualifying film festival (only our second since our world premiere in Rhode 
Island and B) it’s the largest festival (size-wise... they have over 50,000 attendees in 10 days) that we 
will have played at. Huge congratulations to the cast, crew and all of our supporters!

Check out their website HERE!

Also, if you haven’t yet heard, we just launched a website for our production company, Mildly Fearsome
Films! Check it out at http://www.mildlyfearsomefilms.comhttp://www.clevelandfilm.org/http://www.mildlyfearsomefilms.comshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day! Lots of amazing stuff happening in the world of Sudden Death! lately! On Sunday, Sudden Death! was officially named as a selection of the FirstGlance Hollywood Film Festival!

Later that night, SD! won the award for Best Short Comedy at the Trail Dance Film Festival! We were also nominated for the Best of Fest Award at Trail Dance (the only short to be nominated!)

Lastly, SD! was also awarded the Official Best of Fest Award! This means SD! was selected as one of the top 5 percent of indie films on the festival circuit this year (out of some 30,000 shorts! Congrats to the whole SD! family!http://www.firstglancefilms.com/hollywood/fghwofficialselectionshttp://www.traildancefilmfestival.com/http://www.officialbestoffest.com/shapeimage_19_link_0shapeimage_19_link_1shapeimage_19_link_2

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

Some fantastic film festival news ...that we’re not allowed to talk about yet.  So, just know it’s coming and we’re excited.  

I have updated the Festivals page anyway.  There’s some cool new stuff on there including new laurels for Trail Dance and Best of Fest, and updated screening dates.  Also, please click the link above and help us build a little buzz at the Beloit Film Festival coming up next week.  We’d really appreciate it.

I’ve also added a new Producer’s Blog.  So if you’re still looking for a Valentine, I got you covered.

Have a great weekend everyone!Festivals.htmlhttp://www.traildancefilmfestival.com/http://officialbestoffest.com/community/?page_id=111http://www.beloitfilmfest.org/2011-program/short-slot-7/Producers_Blog/Entries/2011/2/12_Love_to_love_you,_baby.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0shapeimage_20_link_1shapeimage_20_link_2shapeimage_20_link_3shapeimage_20_link_4

Check out


for the very latest from

Mildy Fearsome Films!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Sudden Death! wins Best Short Film at the 2011 Beloit International Film Festival! Check out the acceptance speech HERE!

SD! has also been accepted into two other big fests that we can’t talk about yet! Stay tuned for information as we’re allowed to talk about it! For now, we’re off to Sedona! Both screenings are already sold out! Lastly, huge congratulations to our leading lady, Autumn Hurlbert, who just got engaged to Tim Norman! Congrats guys!!http://www.suddendeaththemovie.com/Sudden_Death/Videos.htmlhttp://www.sedonafilmfestival.com/shapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

We’re home from Sedona and happy to get moving on the next 2 months.  It’s going to be amazing.  So amazing... that I wrote a blog about it.  Exciting I know - so check it out!  (Producer’s Blog)

Adam will have some news soon re: DVD’s and the new SD! release coming up next month.  So keep your eyes peeled.  

And if we haven’t said it recently - Thanks for your love, support and randomly... food.  Producers_Blog/Entries/2011/3/2_Fire%21.htmlshapeimage_22_link_0


Hey you.

Yeah you.

Click that.

SD! Facebook


Friday, March 18th, 2011

We’re only one week away from 6 fantastic screenings in 3 states at 3 festivals.  Next weekend don’t miss the Cleveland International Film Festival (an Oscar qualifier!) in Cleveland, OH; the Boston Underground Film Festival in Boston, MA; and the FilmSnobbery.com Film Festival Screening Series in Danbury, CT.

Follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date info and the latest on our next fest coming your way!http://www.clevelandfilm.org/festival/films/2011/sudden-deathhttp://bostonunderground.org/schedule-2011/lamour-la-mort-or-coupling-is-hell/http://bostonunderground.org/schedule-2011/lamour-la-mort-or-coupling-is-hell/http://screenings.filmsnobbery.com/2011/03/01/sudden-death/shapeimage_23_link_0shapeimage_23_link_1shapeimage_23_link_2shapeimage_23_link_3

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Have a great time and a safe night from your happy, local, random musical. 

PS - Don’t forget: Sudden Death!’s *FREE* screening at USC’s FirstLook Film Festival is just one month from today!https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=191799000835213&ref=tsshapeimage_24_link_0

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

UPDATE: We’re pleased to announce the release date of our upcoming Special Edition DVD of Sudden Death!: April 18th, 2011! This DVD will feature both the regular cut and extended cuts of Sudden Death!, 3 trailers, 4 special featurettes (including one with never before seen on-set footage), outtakes, 4 commentaries and more! In anticipation of the new DVD, the standard DVD’s are now on sale for the really low price of $8! Go get one now!

This afternoon we received a great email from the Puerto Rico International Film Festival inviting us to screen at their fest this June!  Check out their website - we’re one of only 4 comedy shorts screening.  Amazing!

Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check out our upcoming screenings.  Between this coming Wednesday through mid-April SD! will be hitting up 9 festivals - 13 screenings - in 5 states.  We can’t attend all of them but we would love for our friends and supporters to be our eyes and ears where we can’t be.  California friends - we have 5 festivals coming up in April.  Please come hang out with us!  We will even have a huge, FREE screening at USC’s FirstLook Film Festival Sunday, April 17th.  Come out, choose Sudden Death! as your audience choice winner and send SD! to the DGA for a special event screening May 3rd!

Thank you, as always, for your support and we’ll see you at a festival soon!Buy%21.htmlFestivals.htmlFestivals.htmlhttps://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=191799000835213&ref=tsshapeimage_25_link_0shapeimage_25_link_1shapeimage_25_link_2shapeimage_25_link_3

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Thrilled, excited, amazed....  In short, completely blown away (yes, this came out of left field) and happy to announce that Sudden Death! was awarded 2nd Place for Best Student Film at the Cleveland International Film Festival today!  Check our Festivals page for the great new laurel.

Thank you everyone so much for all of your hard work and support!  We are SO very thankful!


Sunday, April 7th, 2011

Today was a first for our little film.  Sudden Death! won last night’s Audience Choice at the Reality Bytes Independent Film Festival in Illinois - run by the fantastic students in the Communication department at Northern Illinois University.  Thanks for the love guys!  It means the world to us.  

SD! has a busy couple of weeks ahead.  Stay tuned for the latest screenings and boat loads of pics!


Friday, April 8th, 2011

News of the day in the wold of Sudden Death! - 
 Great opening night at the L.A. Comedy Short Film Festival!  Lots of great films in a theater full of funny people.  Their only mistake was putting us all in one room.  We are loving comedy film festivals!
 Tonight kicks off the FirstGlance, Fallbrook, and Buffalo Niagara Film Festivals.  
FirstGlance Hollywood is an amazing bi-coastal film festival run by guys who have been doing this for over 20 years.  And every film accepted wins a prize!  Who doesn’t like that?  The festival run from tonight through Sunday - so come!  See some great films and find out what SD! has won.  It’s a mystery to us too.
Fallbrook - I can’t say enough good things about these people.  They love film, love their filmmakers and go full out for their festival.  Expect a blog soon re: some of the wonderful people we haven’t even met yet there, including a really heartwarming story about a firecracker of a young lady.  11 to be exact.  The festival kicks off tonight and runs through Sunday.
Buffalo Niagara is one I really wish we could get to!  I LOVE WNY and miss the people and places up (and over) there.  This festival is going to be a lot of fun so if you’re in the vicinity PLEASE check them out.  Opening night is tonight and the fest runs 10 days! Through April 17th.
*  Have we mentioned that we've been accepted to the Seattle True Independent Film Festival?  It doesn't look like it.  Hooray!  (PS - don’t forget to RSVP for USC’s FirstLook Film Festival! It’s FREE!!!)http://www.lacomedyshorts.com/http://www.firstglancefilms.com/http://www.fallbrookfilmfestival.com/http://www.buffaloniagarafilmfestival.com/http://www.trueindependent.org/shapeimage_28_link_0shapeimage_28_link_1shapeimage_28_link_2shapeimage_28_link_3shapeimage_28_link_4

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

More great news - 

Sudden Death! had two fabulous screenings at FirstGlance and L.A. Comedy Film Festival today.
And WON Best Comedy at the FirstGlance Film Festival!

Congratulations again everyone!  So proud of you all!

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

And to top off the weekend, Sudden Death! wins Best Narrative Short at the Fallbrook Film Festival!
It’s been a fantastic few days. Thank you to everyone at the Fallbrook
fest and to all of our friends, fans and supporters!

SD!’s also picked up a few new festivals for May and June. 
Check out our Festivals page for the great new laurels.Festivals.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

It’s another busy weekend for Sudden Death!  Check out the great festivals you can catch SD! at over the next few days...  

Fallbrook Film Festival - Wednesday, April 13th @ 5P
Lake Arrowhead Film Festival - Thursday, April 14th @ 12noon
Buffalo Niagara Film Festival - Saturday, April 16th @ 3P
USC’s FirstLook Film Festival - Sunday, April 17th @ 1P  (FREE!)

For more details including locations and a link to all of our upcoming festivals please check out our Festivals page and please come cheer us on!!Festivals.htmlshapeimage_31_link_0

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

USC’s First Look Film Festival screening of Sudden Death! is less then 3 days away.  
(Check the counter!)  If you haven’t RSVP’d yet - now is the time!!  We need you!  Without your audience choice vote we may not make it to the special DGA screening.  So please come!!
I’ve spelled it all out for you below:

USC RSVP website:  http://cinema.usc.edu/events/reservation.cfm?id=11667&rid=996

Sudden Death! Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sudden-Death-the-movie/139131207739

So come hang out with us, see some great films and maybe we’ll all go hang out at Denny’s afterward.  Thanks for your continued support! Now let’s win this thing and move on to the DGA!http://cinema.usc.edu/events/reservation.cfm?id=11667&rid=996https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sudden-Death-the-movie/139131207739shapeimage_32_link_0shapeimage_32_link_1

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

THANK YOU EVERYONE who came out to USC’s First Look Film Festival this afternoon!  We truly appreciate your support.


We’re heading to the Directors Guild of America for a special (free!) screening of the film, 
Tuesday, May 3rd @ 7:30P.  If you are in town please feel free to join us!
RSVP - cinema.usc.edu/firstfilm

Thank you all so much again.  It’s been an amazing weekend and we’re
looking forward to the weeks to come. See you at the DGA!http://cinema.usc.edu/firstfilmshapeimage_33_link_0

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

More wonderful news has come our way.  We’re happy to announce that Sudden Death! won Best Comedy at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival!  Glad our friends in Western New York felt we were worthy of the award.  Congratulations cast and crew on another wonderful win!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

It was a great screening tonight at Show Us Ur Shorts, a monthly screening series hosted by Bill and the First Glance crew.  Sudden Death! won the Audience Choice award!  Don’t miss next months screening of never before seen webisodes.  Check out First Glance on Facebook for details.

And please don’t miss our upcoming screenings!!  Sudden Death! will be hitting the big screen Sunday evening at the LA United Film Festival.  And catch another FREE showing Tuesday, May 3rd at a special screening at the DGA.  SD! was honored with the Audience Choice Award at USC’s First Look Film Festival sending it to the DGA next week.  Don’t miss it!

Hope to see you all soon!https://www.facebook.com/FirstGlanceFilmFestshttp://www.theunitedfest.com/losangeles/schedule.htmhttp://cinema.usc.edu/festivals/firstlook/firstlook2011/firstfilm2011/index.cfmshapeimage_35_link_0shapeimage_35_link_1shapeimage_35_link_2

Friday, April 29th, 2011


Just a friendly reminder from your favorite musical about love, laughter, death and disease to RSVP for Sudden Death!’s special screening at the DGA next Tuesday, May 3rd at 7:30P.  Catch some of the best films coming out of USC this year and catch up with the directors and crew at the reception after the screenings.

For more information or to RSVP please visit:

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Wonderful screening tonight at the LA United Film Festival.  They really know how to bring the love to their filmmakers!  They also have a fun line up of indie films as well as old blockbuster favorites like Ferris Beuler’s Day Off, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Swingers. There are still several days of the festival left so don’t miss the good stuff!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

It was a phenomenal night at the DGA!  Sudden Death! had a fantastic screening and was very well received.  We played the final time slot of the evening - always a favorite of ours.  Over 100 DVD’s flew off our display after the screening!! (We could have easily put out at least 200!)

Adam accepted our award for Audience Choice for the USC First Look Film Fest.  Pictures should be forthcoming from the professional photog at USC.  We’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for your love and support always, but especially these past few weeks.  We met all of our goals and expectations (and then some!) for this festival and we couldn’t be happier!!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

More happy news on the festival front -

Sudden Death! was just accepted to screen at the Little Rock Film Festival, June 1-5.  We are thrilled to be a part of this fest.  Not only does it represent a brand new SD! state, but Adam has a great deal of family in Arkansas and we’re always happy to play to a friendly audience!

Congratulations everyone!

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Crazy, unrelated news of the day - 

Congratulations to John Larroquette for his Tony nomination for How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying!

Adam and Melanie are heading off on a ferry to Catalina 
Island for the Catalina Film Festival where SD! is nominated 
for best short film! Well done everyone. 
We’re also heading off with a mouth full of cookies as our 
amazing costume designer Ben Boquist made us the coolest, 
edible Sudden Death! swag ever!  Adding a ton of pictures to 
Facebook but here’s a taste of the good stuff...https://www.facebook.com/H2SBwayhttps://www.facebook.com/H2SBwayshapeimage_40_link_0shapeimage_40_link_1
Adam eating teddy bear  “Nathan” cookie

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Do you happen to be attending the Cannes Film Festival?  
Did you know that you can catch Sudden Death! anytime at the fest?

Sudden Death! will be screening during the entire Cannes Film Festival at the Cannes Short Film Corner.  Spread the word, tell your friends!  If the films at Cannes are getting a little too “deep” you can always come to us for a little comic relief.  

A friendly update from your SD! crew - http://www.suddendeaththemovie.comhttp://www.suddendeaththemovie.comshapeimage_42_link_0

Friday, May 13th, 2011

We are all SO proud of you!!!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011


It’s been a great few weeks here for our film, cast and crew so we’ve decided to give away a bunch of the great swag we’ve accumulated over the year - autographed copies of SD!, posters, tee shirts, coffee mugs...etc. We want to give it to you!  

SD!’s 700th, 800th, 900th and 1000th followers on Facebook (and the awesome fan who recommends that person to the page!) will win some fabulous SD! gear.  
So join our little clan, tell your friends and get some great stuff as a huge “thank you” from us!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sudden-Death-the-movie/139131207739shapeimage_44_link_0

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

New fests for Sudden Death!

Hellloooo Shanghai!  Sudden Death! has been invited to screen at the Shanghai International Film Festival (and is nominated for Best Short Film and Best Director!!!) and the San Francisco United Film Festival - both kicking off in June!  

If you happen to be in China or northern California come hang out with us!

It’s easy to like us

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

A web series by the SD! team?  Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Happy to announce that our entire month of June is 100% booked with festivals. This includes a fantastic festival in Tokyo which we were blessed enough to be invited to but unfortunately are unable to attend.  Check out the Oscar-qualifying Short Shorts Film Festival and shoot them a little love.  They’re great people doing great things!Festivals.htmlshapeimage_47_link_0

Friday, May 27th, 2011

THRILLED!  Ecstatic and happy beyond words to announce that our director, Adam Hall, is the newest writer/director being repped by Josh McGuire and Underground Management!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sudden-Death-the-movie/139131207739shapeimage_48_link_0

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Sudden Death! is an official selection to the San Antonio Film Festival! Stay tuned to our Festivals page for more details.  Festivals.htmlshapeimage_50_link_0

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Happy to add another wonderful festival to our roster.  SD! has been invited to screen at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival.  Congratulations everyone!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Happy 2 Year Anniversary, Sudden Death! website.  We love you.

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

John Larroquette takes home the Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. Congratulations John!!

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Two great new festivals for Sudden Death! (who doesn’t love Mondays?) - 
2011 Stella Artois St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase
Laugh Tracks Comedy Film Festival

Thanks to our friends and fans, festivals planners coordinators and volunteers.  We’re excited to be a part of your world this year!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Adam and Melanie had a wonderful time traveling the great northwest.  4 states, 2 countries, 1 festival and 2 screenings.  (random wildlife, 4 major US mountains, a flat tire....etc.)  

Check out the SD! Facebook page for all of the color commentary during the trip and tons of pictures.  See our flat tire and Adam’s war wound from Mt. St. Helens.  Yup - it’s that exciting.

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Sudden Death! has been selected to screen at the Frozen Film Festival 2011 in San Francisco this July! Our screening will be held on July 9th - our director, Adam Hall’s, and executive producer, David Sheerer’s, birthday.  Check out the Festivals page for details.Festivals.htmlshapeimage_57_link_0

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Could there be a better last minute screening? 

The Friar's Club will be showing Sudden Death! tonight on the big screen in NYC. 
If you happen to be in the city on this fine day - GO SEE IT!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Our dear Washington DC friends - 

You have asked, begged, cried and complained for months that there have been no festivals in the area for you to attend. Well stop beating your heads against the wall and dry those tears. SD! has just been selected to screen at the DC Shorts Film Festival! Congratulations everyone! 

Now go buy a ticket, DCers!!https://www.facebook.com/dcshortsfilmfestshapeimage_59_link_0

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

‎"Twenty minutes of brilliant, laugh-out-loud hilarity." 
Thank you, Metropolis Magazine of Tokyo Japan.http://metropolis.co.jp/features/feature/short-circuit/shapeimage_60_link_0

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Sudden Death! has just been selected to screen at the Feel Good Film Festival this August! Congratulations cast and crew - we love you!! Feels good, doesn't it?Festivals.htmlshapeimage_61_link_0

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Hello Dragon*Con fans! 

Sudden Death! has just been invited to screen at the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival this September! Yes, it's during Dragon*Con.

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Great news from San Francisco - 
Sudden Death! wins Best Student Short at the San Francisco United Film Festival! Well done everyone! And thanks to the programmers, volunteers and fans of The United Fest!

Friday, July 1st, 2011 -

Special Announcement

Dear Sudden Death! friends and fans - 

Welcome to Research. the latest creation from Mildly Fearsome Films and the creative team that brought you Sudden Death! the movie.  

We have been waiting for a long time to announce this fantastic project!  Here are the details:

Research. is a new comedy web series from director Adam Hall and lyricist Kahle McCann.
  (but it’s not a musical!)
Many of the SD! crew members will be returning for this project including producers Melanie Hall and Nick Jones, composer Kenny Wood and editor Graham Fisher. We’re also adding a fantastic new producer, Kevin Tostado.
The first season of Research. will air 8 episodes next spring 2012.
All of the content will be FREE curtesy of Mildly Fearsome Films @
You can keep up with all of the developments, casting news and Research. projects on our awesome social media outlets:
    Research. Facebook page
    Research. Twitter page

So please go!  Check out what’s going on.  Like the pages, tweet with us - it’s going to be terrific!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Research/223795607651771https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mildly-Fearsome-Films/180499015316091https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sudden-Death-the-movie/139131207739http://www.mildlyfearsomefilms.comhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Research/223795607651771https://twitter.com/#!/research_seriesshapeimage_64_link_0shapeimage_64_link_1shapeimage_64_link_2shapeimage_64_link_3shapeimage_64_link_4shapeimage_64_link_5

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Two new fests for Sudden Death! - 
We’ve been invited to screen at the 
Hollyshorts Film Festival and 1 Reel Film Fest 
at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Sudden Death! wins Best Narrative Short at the Puerto Rico International Film Festival - Vieques!
Congratulations everyone!

Monday, July 4th, 2011

HAPPY 4th of july!

Thanks to our service men and women!  Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

I would like to thank our friend Carlos for his willingness to translate Sudden Death! into Spanish for us! We appreciate him SO much - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Happy Birthday!
To our wonderful director Adam Hall and our fabulous executive producer David Sheerer!

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Celebrating with Adam Hall tonight for winning Best Director at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival this weekend!

Monday, July 11th, 2011

We received a fabulous write up from the Chicago Comedy Film Festival today.  We are really looking forward to screening there.  Check out what they have going on and throw a little love their way.

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Sudden Death! is an official selection of the Tri Media Film Festival!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tri-Media-Film-Festival/70684349825shapeimage_72_link_0

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Happy to announce that Sudden Death! took home Runner Up for Best Film at the Laugh Track Comedy Festival! Congrats everyone!https://www.facebook.com/laughtrackfesthttps://www.facebook.com/laughtrackfestshapeimage_73_link_0shapeimage_73_link_1

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Sudden Death! is nominated for Best Ensamble Cast and Best Director Adam Hall at the Feel Good Film Festival! So proud of you all!http://fgff.org/films.php?id=190http://fgff.org/films.php?id=190shapeimage_74_link_0shapeimage_74_link_1

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

The producer of Sudden Death! wishes to wish the director of Sudden Death! a Happy Anniversary!
Hey, we can do what we want - it’s our site.

Have a great day everyone.  Happy weekend!

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Sudden Death! wins the Northern Lights Emerging Talent Award at the Alaska International Film Awards! Well done everyone - specifically our Alaskan native & DP Dave Selle!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Today marks the one year anniversary of Sudden Death!’s first public performance for cast and crew.
On one hand it seems like hardly any time has passed at all.  On the other it’s hard to believe we’ve been roaming around the world this long.  

Thanks for a fantastic year crew, cast, family, friends and fans.  Cliche but true, we wouldn’t be here without you!  We’re still having a wonderful time.  Here’s to another year.

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Happy to announce that Sudden Death! has just been invited to screen at the Tacoma Film Festival!  
Congratulations everyone.  We do love Washington.  

SD! is also screening at 3 fests next weekend - August 13-17.  Check out

Friday, August 5th, 2011

From the creative team that brought you Sudden Death! - introducing Research. - a new comedy web series.  We’re currently working on rewrites for an 8 episode season to be shot this December.  We promise just as much hilarity with a fantastic cast to boot.

Check out the link and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  http://www.mildlyfearsomefilms.com/Mildly_Fearsome_Films/Researchold.htmlhttp://www.mildlyfearsomefilms.com/Mildly_Fearsome_Films/Researchold.htmlhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Research/223795607651771https://twitter.com/#!/research_seriesshapeimage_79_link_0shapeimage_79_link_1shapeimage_79_link_2shapeimage_79_link_3

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

We’re heading to the Gangrene Comedy Film Festival this September!  This fest looks like a blast.  Check it out and snag your tickets now!!http://www.gangreneproductions.com/festivals/fest_info/12_info.phpshapeimage_80_link_0

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Congratulations cast and crew on our acceptance to the Kiev International Film Festival - our Ukraine premiere!http://www.kievfilmfest.com/en/shapeimage_81_link_0

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

We are feeling good today! Aren’t you?

Don't miss SD!'s screening at the Feel Good Film Festival this afternoon, 1:15P at Raleigh Studios Fairbanks Theater. This is one of the most fabulously fun festivals around. Grab a couple of tickets and hang out afterwards for a Q&A with actor/lyricist Kahle McCann.

In other news - Congratulations to SD! executive producers Bradley Sheerer and Frances O’Neill who were married this afternoon in Philadelphia, PA.  Happy Wedding!

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

St. Louis!!  Don’t miss our festival premiere in STL tonight at the 
Tivoli Theatre as a part of the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.  
Sudden Death! screens at 9:30P with a great group of short films.  

Head over tonight and meet our directors parents - special guests of
Sudden Death!

Monday, August 15th, 2011

So very happy to announce that Sudden Death! has been invited to screen at the Atlanta ShortFest and the Atlanta Horror Film Festival this fall!  Two fantastic festivals - one great city.

Monday, August 15th, 2011 - 2nd edition

Absolutely thrilled to announce that Sudden Death! has won Best Short Film at the Feel Good Film Festival this weekend!! We feel fantastic! Thanks to the fest coordinators, directors and volunteers, and all of our friends and fans. Hope you feel good too!!

And happy 1 year anniversary of our film festival screening adventure.  It’s hard to believe it’s already been an entire year.  Expect a blog soon with the breakdown of our year on the road.  Here’s to many more wonderful years of making movies and meeting great filmmakers from around the world.https://www.facebook.com/groups/53577701663/https://www.facebook.com/groups/53577701663/shapeimage_85_link_0shapeimage_85_link_1

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

We're happy to add two more great festivals to our roster! The Prince Edward Island International Film Festival and the Rumschpringe Short Film Festival - both this fall. Congratulations everyone! 

Check the Festivals tab for dates, times & locations for all of our upcoming fests. There are 16 of them!http://peifilmfest.com/welcome.htmlhttp://peifilmfest.com/welcome.htmlhttp://www.rumschpringe.com/index.htmlFestivals.htmlshapeimage_86_link_0shapeimage_86_link_1shapeimage_86_link_2shapeimage_86_link_3

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Hey LA!!!  Sudden Death! is screening today at 2:30P at the world-famous 
Hollyshorts Film Festival! Catch some great shorts and stick around for a Q&A 
with writer/director Adam Hall afterward. It's a line up you won't want to miss!http://www.hollyshorts.com/shapeimage_87_link_0

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Congratulations! Sudden Death! is an official selection of the Oaxaca Film Festival in Mexico!

Friday, August 19th, 2011

So... We just took a look at the winners from last nights St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase as selected by the St. Louis Film Critics Association. We are completely blown away. Sudden Death! took home the following - 
Best Actor in a Comedic Role - Doug Jones
Best Cameo - John Larroquette
Best Original Music - Kenny Wood & Kahle McCann
Best Director (short) - Adam Hal
Best Comedy Short (10+ min.) - Sudden Death!

On top of all of this, Sudden Death! has been selected to screen at the 20th Annual St. Louis International Film Festival this fall.

WOW! Thank you!!!https://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Louis-Filmmakers-Showcase/131174366907090http://www.cinemastlouis.org/festivalhttp://www.cinemastlouis.org/festivalshapeimage_89_link_0shapeimage_89_link_1shapeimage_89_link_2

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

SD! has a slew of new festivals coming up in September including at least 13 screenings throughout the month. Check out our Festivals page to find details on a fest coming to you!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

‎Chicago Comedy Film Festival announced its line up today.
Looking forward to the best first year in comedy Chicago's ever seen!http://chicagocomedyff.com/#officialselectionsshapeimage_91_link_0

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

So excited to announce our UK premiere! SD!'s been accepted to the Crystal Palace International Film Festival next month! Congratulations everyone!https://www.facebook.com/CPIntFFhttps://www.facebook.com/CPIntFFshapeimage_92_link_0shapeimage_92_link_1

Monday, August 29th, 2011

If you're planning to head over to the ‎Chicago Comedy Film Festival in October (and you should be!!!) grab some great, cheap seats NOW from LivingSocial!!

Get your great deal from LivingSocial here.http://chicagocomedyff.com/#officialselectionshttp://livingsocial.com/cities/6-chicago/confirm?ref=broader_roadblock&skippable=true&ver=972shapeimage_93_link_0shapeimage_93_link_1

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

A great plug for the ‎Chicago Comedy Film Festival 
featuring Sudden Death!

“The first, national, Chicago-based film festival devoted to comedy
includes movies with both megawatt stars and local talent.”http://chicagocomedyff.com/#officialselectionsshapeimage_94_link_0

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Sudden Death! will be playing 2 fantastic festivals today - 

Dragon*Con Film Festival - 2:30P
Gangrene Comedy Film Festival - 7:00P

Each festival on it’s own would be exciting but playing both on the same day is a real treat!
Check out the Festivals page, check out the fests, snag your tickets and go check out some great films!http://filmfest.dragoncon.org/http://www.gangreneproductions.com/festivals/fest_info/12_info.phpFestivals.htmlshapeimage_95_link_0shapeimage_95_link_1shapeimage_95_link_2

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

We’ve been working all night to update our Media and Press pages.  
Lots of new articles, festival news - all kinds of goodies.  

We will also be hosting post-screening Q&A’s for the upcoming festivals we won’t be able to make it to.  Please feel free to find us on Facebook, Twitter or via email to ask those pressing questions that have been burning a hole in your brain.  We know they’re in there.  Media.htmlPress.htmlshapeimage_96_link_0shapeimage_96_link_1

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011   

 We are so happy to announce that Sudden Death! has won the Best Comedy Award at the Dragon*Con Film Festival this weekend!

We love this fest.  They have such a fun, eclectic audience and a wonderful staff.  We’re so thankful to now be a part of their history.  

You can see all of the winners here - Dragon*Con Film Fest 2011 winnerhttp://filmfest.dragoncon.org/http://filmfest.dragoncon.org/2011-index/2011-dragoncon-independent-short-film-festival-awards/shapeimage_97_link_0shapeimage_97_link_1

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011   

We are SO excited to announce that Sudden Death! has won two awards from the Gangrene Comedy Film Festival this past weekend!  SD! took home the Audience Choice Award as well as the Board of Directors Award.  We were so proud to be invited to Utah by this fest and it never disappointed.  This is the nicest, most fun group of people. If you have a comedy short PLEASE apply to this festival.  It is well worth your time and money!

Check the winners friends - Gangrene Comedy Film Festival 2011 winnershttp://www.gangreneproductions.com/home/index.phphttp://www.gangreneproductions.com/home/index.phphttps://www.facebook.com/GangreneFilmFestival?sk=wallshapeimage_98_link_0shapeimage_98_link_1shapeimage_98_link_2

Thursday, September 8th, 2011   

What a crazy weekend we have ahead!  Sudden Death! will be heading to 4 wonderful, fantastic and exciting film festivals this weekend.  They are, in order of start date:
Prince Edward Island International Film Festival
Atlantashorts Fest
DC Shorts Film Festival
Tri Media Film Festival
Our weekend includes 7 screenings, 3 states, 2 time zones, a national capital and a foreign country.
Phew!  It’s going to be great.  Check out our Festivals page right now for screening times for these and a slew more upcoming festivals.  We love you!  Love us!  Love the fests!  Grab a ticket and GO!http://peifilmfest.com/2011Schedule.htmlhttp://atlantashortsfest.com/blog/Entries/2011/9/9_Comedy_Shorts_One.htmlhttp://www.dcshorts.com/screening/screening-6/sudden-death/http://www.trimediafestival.org/Festivals.htmlshapeimage_99_link_0shapeimage_99_link_1shapeimage_99_link_2shapeimage_99_link_3shapeimage_99_link_4

Sunday, September 11th, 2011   

We are so proud and pleased to have won the Audience Choice Award at the DC Shorts Film Festival today.  Such a great festival in a great city on a very special day.  

Congratulations everyone!  Check out all of the winners here - DC Shorts Winnershttp://www.dcshorts.com/screening/screening-6/sudden-death/https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150299047074335shapeimage_100_link_0shapeimage_100_link_1

Monday, September 12th, 2011   

Another wonderful announcement - Sudden Death! has won Best Comedy Short at the Tri Media Film Festival last night.  Thanks to the director and all of the fest volunteers for an award at what we know is a wonderful festival!http://www.trimediafestival.org/http://www.trimediafestival.org/shapeimage_101_link_0shapeimage_101_link_1

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011   

Last one this week, we promise!
THRILLED to announce that Sudden Death! has won Best Short Film at the Atlantashorts Fest this past weekend!  Such a great festival group with some of the most wonderful people. Huge thank you’s to all of you!http://atlantashortsfest.com/blog/Entries/2011/9/9_Comedy_Shorts_One.htmlshapeimage_102_link_0

Thursday, September 15th, 2011   

Quick rundown of upcoming SD! screenings -  (There are a lot!)
Special encore screenings at the DC Shorts Film Festival Best of Festival Winners (Sept 16 & 17)
Atlanta Horror Film Festival (Sept 15-17)
Kiev International Film Festival (Sept 16-22)
Crystal Palace International Film Festival (Sept 18-30)
That is all.  Have a great day!http://www.dcshorts.com/screening/screening-6/sudden-death/http://atlantahorrorfilmfest.com/schedule.htmlhttp://www.kievfilmfest.com/en/http://cpiff.co.uk/shapeimage_103_link_0shapeimage_103_link_1shapeimage_103_link_2shapeimage_103_link_3

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011   

We’re so happy to announce that Sudden Death! took home the Best Musical Short award this weekend at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival.  I think we’re having a love affair with Atlanta lately.  Thanks to everyone involved in the festival and congratulations to all of the filmmakers.  
Horror is one dang fun genre.http://atlantahorrorfilmfest.com/schedule.htmlshapeimage_104_link_0

Friday, September 23th, 2011   

Don't forget to check out the Atlanta Underground Film Festival today through the rest of the weekend. Not only is it a great fest but it represents one of my favorite parts of the city - Underground Atlanta! 

Friday, September 30th, 2011   

Tonight!  Don’t miss Sudden Death! screening at the Crystal Palace International Film - SD!’s UK premiere!  If you’ happen to be across the pond please grab a ticket and go!  And then let us know what you think...

Monday, October 3rd, 2011   

So happy to announce that Sudden Death! has not only won the Best Comedy Film Award, but it has also won the Grand Prize at the Rumschpringe Short Film Festival 2011! Congratulations cast and crew -- we're so thankful for you. 
PA friends - you can still see SD! next weekend, Oct. 8th in Lancaster along with several other great family-friendly films. It's a great fest; don't miss it! 
Have a wonderful week everyone!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011   

The Tacoma Film Festival opens it's doors tonight!! Not only is it a gorgeous locale but you'll see some beautiful films to boot. Tickets are still available!!! Check out the Festivals page for the entire schedule and ticket information.

Saturday, October 8th, 2011   

Congratulations to the fabulous Doug Jones for the announcement of his latest project - 
Neighborhood Watch.  There is a really wonderful cast already attached.  Check out this Hollywood Reporter article for details.  There’s love, Doug!

Monday, October 10th, 2011   

The Sudden Death! team has announced their next project - Research. - a brand new web series!

And our new Research. announcement has launched! Adam & the team did a great job. Check out the Research. Facebook page for more details and a brand new, one-of-a-kind, gee-I-wish-I-could-have-been-there video from the infamous Doug Jones. We all know he's infamous.

Friday, October 15th, 2011   

The Chicago Comedy Film Festival opens its doors today and you shouldn’t miss it.  Sudden Death! plays tonight and again Sunday.  They have a great line up and a wonderful crew.  Go support indie comedy in one of the funniest cities in the country!

Saturday, October 16th, 2011   

SD! hits the screen at the Beijing International Movie Festival today. If you happen to be in China (cause it's a small country and you can get EVERYWHERE in an hour, right?) with nothing to do tonight please, please go check out this fest!!

Monday, October  18th, 2011   

This is hands-down one of the best reviews Sudden Death!’s received so far.  
Check it out and leave this guy some love - READ THE ARTICLE!

Saturday, October  29th, 2011   

Please join us in sending lots of love and blessings today to the newly married Autumn Hurlbert Norman (our wonderful "Rachel") and her sweet husband Tim Norman!!!
Congratulations to you both!! We couldn't ask for a better addition to the SD! family than Tim and we couldn't love Autumn more! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness and crazy adventures.  We know you all too well.  Have the most fantastic day you two!!!

Monday, October  31st, 2011   


Sunday, November  6th, 2011   

It’s Research. time!! Over 600 people have "Liked" our new Doug Jones video and 27 wonderful people so far have believed in our new project - Research. - enough to support it through our Kickstarter page! That's an amazing number and we are so thankful for all of you!

We only have 8 days left to fully fund Research. or it cannot and will not be made. For the amount we're trying to raise we will be able to rent a location, camera, lights, a dolly, costumes, set dressing and props, be able to feed our crew (we all need to eat!) and much much more. That's for 8 episodes and 7 mini-episodes! (much longer than Sudden Death! for a fraction of the price!!) Literally every dollar is helpful. We have this thing budgeted down to the penny! Please consider supporting Research. today!!   http://researchseries.com/http://researchseries.com/shapeimage_116_link_0

Monday, November  14th, 2011   


Research. has been fully funded! We'll be making a web series early next year! To stay up to date on what we're doing including extra videos, pics and more please follow Research. on Facebook, Twitter (@research_series), and especially on our website - http://www.researchseries.com/http://www.researchseries.com/shapeimage_117_link_0

Tuesday, November  15th, 2011   

SD! screens at the Oaxaca Film Festival TONIGHT! 
So if you happen to be in beautiful Mexico, or know someone who is, check out our website, snag a ticket and GO! You'll love it. And we'll be jealous.http://www.oaxacafilmfest.com/eng/short.htmlshapeimage_118_link_0

Wednesday, November  16th, 2011   

Congratulations to our DP Dave Selle for his recent WIN at the Newport International Film Festival for Best Cinematography!  It’s a great win and very well deserved!http://www.thefilmfestivalguild.com/#/newport-international-2011/4548297622shapeimage_119_link_0

Thursday, November  17th, 2011   


Sudden Death! will be playing at Webster University as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival. Grab your tickets and GO!!!

Friday, November  18th, 2011   

It’s the last night to catch Sudden Death! at the Oaxaca Film Festival.  It looks like it’s been a beautiful festival.  If you’re able to get there - go have a wonderful time for us!  If you are there - please post pictures!  We’d love to see what’s going on.  Have a great weekend everyone!http://www.oaxacafilmfest.com/eng/short.htmlshapeimage_121_link_0

Saturday, November  12th, 2011   

SD! screens TONIGHT in the UK at the Newport International Film Festival! Don’t miss it!http://www.thefilmfestivalguild.com/#/newport-international-2011/4548297622shapeimage_122_link_0

Saturday, November  19th, 2011   

Congratulations to our writer/director Adam Hall for winning the Best Screenplay Award at the Oaxaca Film Festival this evening!  

Viva la Mexico!  Well done everyone!http://www.oaxacafilmfest.com/eng/short.htmlhttp://www.oaxacafilmfest.com/eng/short.htmlshapeimage_123_link_0shapeimage_123_link_1

From Adam and I to all of our Sudden Death! cast, crew, family, friends and supporters...

                HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Have a wonderful day!  We’re so thankful for you!

Thursday, November 24th, 2011


Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Friday, February  10th, 2012   

Just when you thought it was over...
Sudden Death! will be sceening at the LA Comedy Short Film Festival’s East Coast Encore show later this month in Connecticut.  We’re in a great screening.  So if you happen to be in New England, head out to Hartford for a hilarious weekend of laughter and random musical outbursts.

Check out the Festivals page for screening & ticket info.Festivals.htmlshapeimage_134_link_0

Monday , February  13th, 2012   

We’re moving!!  Please visit Mildly Fearsome Films for all of our NEWS updates!  
We’re happy to be keeping up with Sudden Death! as well as our new project - Research.!

Click here for 

Just click here!